Goat Milk Soap Kid and Butterfly

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Udderly bubbly goat milk soaps, that will make your skin feel and look great!

Net weight: 4oz.

Our soap is made of natural oils, beeswax, goat milk, a blend of herbs, grains and essential oils. We make our soap and package it by hand. It is a family project.

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Goat Soap Kid and Butterfly


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NEW! Special Scent of the Month! Oatmeal Stout Beer, NEW! Sea Clay with Eucalyptus, NEW! Humboldt Seaweed with Lemongrass, NEW! Ginger, NEW! Cardamom Vanilla, NEW! Almond Honey, NEW! Coconut Vanilla, NEW! Coconut Lime Verbena, NEW! Coconut Oil, Bergamot with yarrow flowers, Cedar and sage, Clove, Coconut oil lemongrass, Coffee latte scrub, Eucalyptus walnut shell scrub, Lavender, Lavender rosemary shea butter, Oatmeal honey, Peppermint cocoa bean scrub, Rose, Rosemary charcoal, Star anise charcoal, Sweet Meyer lemon poppy seed scrub, Tea tree oatmeal calendula, Unscented

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    boiled warm water start about 10ml twice a day, babys need fluid like u an me ther bodies abosrb alot of water, and it could be the formula, i have a 10week old baby boy an he was on formula and breast then when i put him onto formula alone he got realy constipated s26 gold did it to him now he is on karicare, an is much better but i still need to give him water every day he now has about 40ml water, i got my info from my child health nurse, but if it is realy bad take him to the docReferences :

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